Nav Net Series

Nav Net Series

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The Worlds of Computer Technology and
Marine Electronics Have Finally Merged…
Now It’s Time to Get Plugged In!

NEW! NavNet Series



We are proud to introduce an exciting new concept in marine electronics, NavNet. NavNet is the ultimate in marine electronics integration, offering the flexibility of networking that is commonly found in most professional office environments. NavNet provides the capability to communicate from one display to another over Furuno’s High Speed Network.

The heart of Furuno’s NavNet is its Ethernet based network. Using today’s technology, NavNet runs on a 10-BaseT network, which means fast data transfer between equipment. NavNet’s future expansion is limitless, because Ethernet offers the option to increase speeds from 10Mb per second all the way to 1 Gigabit per second.

NavNet systems allow users to customize their marine electronics according to their needs. From a standard Radar & Chart Plotter unit, they can add on a GPS, Fish Finder and even multiple displays. When multiple displays are connected, each display can be operated as an individual product or as part of the network. With more than 50 different display modes, NavNet can display a variety of information in just about any configuration desired.

Furuno’s Research & Development Engineers have spent countless hours making the NavNet products extremely easy and intuitive to use. The straightforward menu structure is easily selected through a combination of softkeys and the track control knob, ensuring simple operation of the Radar, GPS Chart Plotter and Fish Finder. A common user interface and control panel is used on all of the NavNet products. This ensures that no matter which model is being used, it will work exactly the same as other NavNet displays. When you learn one … you learn them all! The 10.4-inch Color LCD display also comes with a bonus ten-key keypad to make entering waypoints, routes and other information even easier.

Furuno’s NavNet can turn a single or dual display system into a multiple display system by simply adding an Ethernet Hub. The Hub allows the products to talk to each other and share information through a single cable. Connecting a NavNet display to an Ethernet Hub is as easy as connecting a telephone cable into the wall jack. The current network allows you to have up to four NavNet displays connected simultaneously, or add a NavNet Network Sounder with up to three NavNet displays. All of the displays connected to the network act as master units that can control any NavNet component.

The NavNet Radars are equipped with legendary Furuno X-Band components that have been winning the National Marine Electronics Association “Best Radar” Award for more than 10 years running. They are available in a wide range of power configurations, from the 7-inch display with 2.2 kW output to the 10.4-inch display with 6 kW output.

Furuno has also implemented true color Radar in the new NavNet system. With the NavNet color systems, a Radar echo displays in varying shades of color to show the density of the target. For example, a rainstorm may display as different shades of colors, so that the user can determine where the worst part of the storm is located. Add the ability to show a chart in a split screen, or even overlay the Radar targets on top of the chart and you have one powerful navigation tool!

NavNet gives the user the choice of which type of cartography they want to use. They can choose from a unit that accepts both Navionics® and Furuno CDC charts or another model utilizing C-MapNT mini-chart cards. All cards can be front loaded, to allow for flush mounting of the displays. The Chart Plotter features all of the popular presentation modes, such as course plot, nav data, steering and highway mode. The charts can be presented in True Motion North-up, True Motion Course-up, Relative Motion North-up and Relative Motion Course-up. In a multiple display NavNetwork, charts can be placed in all displays and accessed throughout the entire network from any other display.

To round out the NavNet product line, a powerful Network Sounder can be added. The Network Sounder is a dual-frequency (50/200kHz), 600W or 1kW RMS output that plugs directly into a NavNet display or into the Ethernet Hub with a single cable. For cruising boats, a Smart Sensor can be connected to a NavNet display to give accurate numeric depth data readings only.

NavNet also has a 12 channel GPS Receiver Antenna that can be connected to any NavNet display to give it an accurate GPS fix. If multiple units are connected, the GPS information can be accessed by any display on the network. If a GPS/Chart Plotter is all that is needed for the vessel’s electronics, Furuno also offers a NavNet GPS/Chart Plotter.


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