FI-50 Instrument Series

FI-50 Instrument Series

FURUNO FI-50 Instrument Series

There are six different instruments in the FI50 series, all utilizing the standard NMEA2000 network to provide easy “Plug and Play” installation. The instruments can be used by themselves, as part of a NavNet 3D network or part of another NMEA2000 system. Each instrument utilizes standard NMEA2000 DeviceNet “Micro” Connectors and have extremely generous display areas on single-DIN footprints. They utilize special OLED display lighting, which increases night and dusk viewability.


The six units in the series include: FI501 Wind – displays apparent and true wind angle in both analog and digital format; FI502 CH Wind – provides detailed wind bearing measurements from 60 port to 60 starboard, an important range for Close Hauled (CH) points of sail; FI503 Digital – displays critical digital data for navigation, such as depth, speed, temp and atmospheric weather data in a 3-way split screen; FI504 Multi – large segmented LCD provides monitoring of all network data, using alternating data displays that rotate in three second intervals; FI505 Course Plot – provides a digital compass readout with an analog “Off-Course” needle that greatly assists the helmsman in maintaining the desired course; and FI506 Rudder – when connected to an autopilot, this rudder angle display shows precise rudder angle information.


While there are a number of sensors (Depth, Wind, GPS, etc.) and accessories available and upcoming for use with the FI-50 Series, here are some details on several important optional items that are available now…


  • FI5001 Wind Transducer: High accuracy wind sensor with snap-in attachment for easy mast mounting.
  • DST-800PSF Thru-Hull Transducer: NMEA 2000 Transducer with Speed and Temp
  • DT-800PSF Thru-Hull Transducer: NMEA 2000 Transducer with Temp
  • DST-800PWF Transom Mount Transducer: NMEA 2000 Transducer with Speed and Temp
  • FI5002 NMEA2000 Junction Box: This multi-port junction box and power injector provides 2 NMEA2000 “Backbones”, as well as 6 NMEA2000 “Drops”, employing simple, reliable WAGO connectors and a 12VDC Power Supply


It is also important to note that the FI-50 series is designed as a native NMEA2000 system, available for direct connection to many compatible systems, including NavNet 3D. However, the purchase and use of an easily accessible, low-cost NMEA2000 to NMEA0183 Converter, will allow FI-50 series displays to be connected and interfaced with NavNet vx2, as well as numerous other NMEA0183 based navigation devices. In the near future, Furuno will also be introducing its own NMEA2000 to NMEA0183 Converter.





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