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  • Furuno FI70 Instrument Display-0

    Furuno FI70 Instrument Display

    Sale! $595.00 $495.00

    The FI70 is a brand new instrument display featuring a vibrant 4.1″ Color LCD screen. The screen is bonded for fog-free performance and is perfectly visible even in bright daylight. a variety of external sensors can be connected via the CAN bus network for simple and reliable operation.

  • Furuno RD33-0

    Furuno RD33

    Sale! $695.00 $545.00

    The RD33 is a navigational data organizer that allows the operator to select the perfect way to display data from interfaced equipment such as GPS, chartplotter, radar, fish finder, autopilot, instruments and other sensors including engine information. The high contrast, color 4.3″ LCD may be installed in a compact space, remote from its sources. The screen is impressively bright, remarkably crisp and easy to read. Various display modes are available including Speedometer, Highway and Text. The text mode presents up to six of the most necessary types of data. The display layout can be customized for your specific needs. This versatile product can also be added to a NavNet 3D system, displaying a variety of navigation data from the CAN bus network.

Showing all 2 results