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  • Wave WiFi MBR-400 Marine Broadband Router (4 source/5 port Router with Failover)-0

    Wave WiFi MBR-400 Marine Broadband Router (4 source/5 port Router with Failover)


    Our Marine Broadband Routers are cost-effective broadband source selectors suitable for sport fisherman or megayachts. The model designation signifies the number of broadband sources (inputs) available. For example, our MBR 400 model can handle up to four input sources such as Wave WiFi, Cellular, Fleet Broadband and VSAT. Our MBR 400 PLUS model also handles up to four input sources PLUS an integrated access point for wireless broadcasting. Our MBR PRO series of Routers are equipped with a powerful 1.8 GHz Dual Core processor and vary by input source size. The MBR 300 PRO can accommodate up to three input sources. And the MBR-700 PRO is a rack-mount unit with seven input sources, four of which are 1 Gb Ethernet Ports.

  • Wave WiFi Rogue Pro Stainless Steel Marine Grade-0

    Wave WiFi Rogue Pro Stainless Steel Marine Grade


    The Rogue Pro features the same trouble free, high powered performance of the Rogue Wave in a sealed, polished stainless steel case. The Rogue Pro has an integral 1″-14 ready base for numerous standard marine antenna mounts.

    In addition to the enhanced dust and moisture resistance, the stainless steel housing offers superior heat transfer and impact resistance. The Rogue Pro was developed in response to a need for an extremely ruggedized WiFi device for commercial, military and Homeland Security projects.

  • Wave WiFi Rogue Wave-0

    Wave WiFi Rogue Wave


    The Rogue Wave by Wave WiFi is an ultra-small, compact Wireless Bridge and Ethernet Converter with output power of an incredible 800mW. All the features and elements of the larger EC-Series like the user friendly, proprietary web-based interface are available in this easy to set-up kit. The Rogue comes with an 8.5dB omni-directional outdoor antenna and is powered by Power over Ethernet (PoE). This means there is a single cable between the computer or router and the Rogue. The Rogue can also be used with variety of remote mount, 2.4 GHz omni-directional antennas.

  • Wave WiFi Yacht AP Wireless Access Point-0

    Wave WiFi Yacht AP Wireless Access Point


    With Wave WiFi’s Yacht AP, you can setup and manage up to 12 AP’s (access points) directly from your Wave WiFi EC Series unit or Wave MBR (Marine Broadband Router). Simply connect the compact Yacht AP modules via a switch and select “Local APs” at the top of the Wave WiFi scan page to configure.

Showing all 4 results