Lumishore Lumi-Hub 4-Light Distribution Hub


Needed when adding more than 4 lights to a starter pack or building a EOS Surface Mount A La Carte’ System

Expand a Starter Pack

The Lumi-Hub is designed to expand the number of lights used with SMX92 Single Light Starter Pack, SMX92 Two Light Starter Pack or SMX152 Two Light Stater Pack for a maximim of 8 lights per system.

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A Lumi-Hub and accessories may be ordered seperately to build a EOS Surface Mount System.

Step one:

Choose either a SMX92 4,000 Fixture Lumen or SMX152 – 6,400 Fixture Lumen Light

Step two:

Decide on the total Number of SMX92 or SMX152 lights (cannot mix SMX92 and SMX152 lights). One Lumi-Hub Supports up to 4 Lights, add a second Lumi-Hub for up to 8 lights per system. Order one Master light (must have only one) and up to seven Secondary lights per system.

Step three:

Choose a controller: Lumi-Switch, EOS Mini or EOS WIFI

Step four:

Choose accessories for the custom install.

The Lumi-Hub is supplied with one DMX-1 (1Meter cable) which may be used to connect to a second Lumi-Hub. Optional DMX cable are available in 1, 5 or 15meter lengths. Optional 3 meter light cable extension cable (one per light) are also available.

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs


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